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Time and Talent has been OSCWI's
Biggest Fundraiser for several years...
but what is Time and Talent?  

Time and Talent is OSCWI’s largest annual fundraiser, which allows us to provide scholarships to military spouses and local high school seniors as well as grants to organizations in the Whidbey Island community. Time and Talent brings together all of the commands located at NASWI in addition to the retired military community, and provides an environment for networking, camaraderie, and fundraising. 

This themed event consists of Live and Silent Auction items, with the theme changing each year. Attendees will decorate their table(s) and dress up based on the current year’s theme. 

Time and Talent attendees include:

  • Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Department of the Navy, active, reserve, and retired and Significant others, Spouses, and Widowers/Widows

  • Commissioned Officers of other military and Naval Service branches, U.S. and foreign, who are attached to NASWI and Significant others, Spouses, and Widowers/Widows

  • Technical representatives assigned to NAS Whidbey Island and Significant others, Spouses, and Widowers/Widows

  • GS-9 and above civilian employees employed at NAS Whidbey Island and Significant others, Spouses, and Widowers/Widows

Funds raised from Time and Talent Auctions are used to award scholarships to high school senior dependents and spouses of active duty service members who are pursuing post-secondary education in addition to providing grants to Whidbey Island community organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

WHY is it called Time and Talent?

Despite what it sounds like, it is NOT a Talent show!
This themed event is a night of fun, laughter and a Live and Silent Auction! Time and Talent showcases and auctions items and services made up of the Time and Talent of local individuals and businesses - giving the event it's name. 

There is a Main Event theme, and individual commands choose their own themes within this overarching category. Commands will decorate their tables and dress up according to their selected theme. 

Awards are given for the following:

  • Highest Command Participation
  • Best Command Spirit
  • Best Command Theme

Commands will source the items to submit to the Live and Silent Auctions. Try not to use OSC funds, but collect donations from the community. For more information, refer to the Time and Talent Information Packet

Time and Talent is typically held in Spring, Theme selection and planning usually begins in Fall the previous year. 

WHY does this event exist? 
Not only is it fun to get together as a bigger NASWI community, the main objective for Time and Talent is to raise funds for the scholarships OSCWI provides for military spouses and local high school seniors. In the past 10 years, Time and Talent has raised over $100k for scholarships! 

Time and Talent is also a fundraiser for the commands who participate; commands will receive a percentage of the items they donate to the Live Auction! 

WHAT kind of items are needed for the Live and Silent Auctions?
Try not to use OSC funds to source items and services to donate to the Live and Silent Auctions. Think of items and services you can source from your OSC Membership and the local community. 

For example: Your Command OSC could host a deployment "Over the Hump" party for another Command OSC! Your Command OSC would provide transportation, or host the party. 

Another example: You are a photographer and will donate a 1 hour photo sitting on behalf of your Command.

WHY should I or my OSC attend?

We at OSCWI want to connect and support all of the NASWI individual command OSCs to help build and strengthen the spouse support and networking system for our NASWI officer spouse community. Come to Time and Talent to meet others from various NASWI commands and make memories with new and old friends!

Time and Talent is also a fundraiser for the commands who participate; commands will receive a percentage of the items they donate to the Live Auction! 

My spouse's command doesn't have an OSC. Can I still come to Time and Talent?

YES! We'd love to meet you, and we invite you to join OSCWI! You can attend Time and Talent as an individual or as a member of OSCWI.  If you want to attend Time and Talent but your command doesn't have an OSC or doesn't plan on officially registering as a themed group, you can definitely still attend Time and Talent! For T&T 2023, our Theme is TV Shows, so dress up as your favorite Saturday Night Live Character! SNL has been on TV for many seasions with lots of character options to choose from.

I want to help! How do I join the committee?

Great! We'd love your help. Please email

Time & Talent 2024: Viva Las Vegas

Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

6 - 10 pm

M.T. McCormick's (O'Club) Oak Harbor

Tickets go on Sale January 19th! 
Tickets will NOT be available at the door. 

Click here to view details regarding Time & Talent 2024

Sponsorships Opportunities available!
Increase your business and brand exposure as a Time and Talent Sponsor!

Click HERE to view our sponsorship packet

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